The "Little Red Wagon" Program is a neighborhood food collection and is designed to be the easiest way to give food to those in need. As my Grandmother always said "if you ain't giving, you ain't living". Street by street, one porch at a time, we collect food and distribute it to those in need of a little help.

The "Little Red Wagon" Program is the simplest, easiest way to give. Five times a year we have volunteer street leaders walk, drive, bike, rollerblade, skip, and whistle through the neighborhoods collecting donations left on your porch. The donated goods are then brought to us and we deliver to the right place.

What is the "right place"? We are committed to getting the food to children in need of food over the weekends. Through the generosity of our neighbors and their donated food The "Little Red Wagon" Program supports the Back Pack Program created at Forest Hills Global Elementary School under the support of NOURISHNC.

The "Little Red Wagon" Program is so simple...street by street, one porch at a time, we can help feed the hungry children right in your neighborhood.

How Little Red Wagon works?
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